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How to make buttons for schoology on the homepage of your course

It doesn’t take much at all to create these buttons but it’s not super intuitive.  I had to search around the internet to learn how to do this when I first got started.

Step 1:  Click Add Materials Then Click Page

Add Materials

Step 2: Give your page a title

Step 3 Insert Content and Pick an Image

 Step 4: Press Attach File, Find and Select Your Image, and Press Open

You now have an image on the page

Step 5: Click the Image, then Click the Link Button.  Insert a link

Step 6: Press Display on New Page and Press Create


 Congratulations you are done.  


Many of the tutorials on how to create these buttons use Google Docs and get really involved. I even know teachers who have bought premade buttons, and banners with directions on how to add them to Schoology from  

When I was first trying to figure out how to do this it was a bit intimidating.  If I want to make nice for a banner image.  I go use  If you search for Google Classroom Header, they have some nice-looking headers you can use or I might find an image I like from a site like or and upload the image to 

To make clickable buttons I go to and Press the button that says, “Custom size”, then I put in a size usually width of 150px and height of 150px, and press create design.  I keep the background color the same as the page color is in Schoology so it blends in.  Next, I go to elements select the shape I want, style it, and download it to my computer as a .jpg or .png. Finally, I go through the steps above to add the button to Schoology.