I recently had Issues with the screen on my laptop.  The laptop is 5 years old and isn't worth fixing.  But I have a lot of important files stored on it.  Rather than move all the files to my new computer, I decided to turn the old computers hard drive into an external drive.  This was surprisingly easy to do.  

    First I bought an external hard drive enclosure from Amazon.com for ten dollars.  Next I removed my hard drive from my computer.  In my case this only required removing two screws.

    I opened the enclosure, just by sliding it, plugged my hard drive into it, and closed the enclosure.  Believe it or not that's all it took.  Now I just use the USB 3.0 cable that came with the enclosure, plug it into my computer and my files are ready to access. I would recommend that anyone who wants to access files from an old or broken computer try this solution.